Current Solutions, Inc. is always looking for more quality manufacturers to represent. Every manufacturer wants more sales for their company. Developing more sales is a function of having the right products, knowing your customer base, and having people in the territory that make themselves valuable to your potential customers.

You can hire a direct sales force, but then you have to train them, provide an office and a car at minimum, this equates to a lot of overhead. Direct sales forces also represent a direct liability for you. Laws are being considered that would make even a home office subject to OSHA regulations. The return on investment for a direct sales force comes only after you have paid for the overhead and all the direct selling expenses. We haven't even mentioned making a sale yet.

The best way to take care of your customers and your bottom line is with Outsourced Field Sales also known as Manufacturers Representatives. Manufacturers Representatives are responsible for all their own overhead and selling expenses. Additionally, they are legally independent thereby posing no liability to the manufacturers they represent. This system is much more cost effective, which makes it easier for a manufacturer to stay competitively priced and profitable. Furthermore, you pay for performance only. Representatives only get paid after the sale has been made and the customer has paid you. The customer's benefits include better pricing, and professional service.

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