Compliance with Energy Star Requirements

Your company is developing a new product or an upgrade to an existing one. You are going to have to comply with the 1 W maximum standby/no-load requirement. Your current internal power supply consumes 3W in no-load operation by itself.

You have a few choices. You can find an alternate internal supply that has a low enough no-load consumption that when coupled with any of your product’s other power needs will not exceed 1 W. There are internal power supplies produced that can help, but by themselves are not required to meet and EnergyStar requirements.

You can also switch to an external power supply. Most manufacturers now comply with Level V and ERP Stage 2 requirements with their product line up. With output power levels from these external units now exceeding 200W, the scope of their usage is much larger than previous units that had maximum power outputs ~ 100W.

There are other choices available, but being aware of the requirements and knowing how to comply is the bigger part of the battle.

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