Mission :: To honor God while vicariously advancing our client’s successes

Vision :: To Fundamentally Change the Rep-Client Paradigm Forever

For more than a dozen years, the people of Current Solutions, Inc. have brought OEM Power Sources to the manufacturers of the Southeastern United States. These manufacturers know that the most efficient way to bring their product to market is through exclusive representation. Our customers know that we can be relied upon even under unusual circumstances. You will be pleased to find that our staff is comprised of dedicated people that put the customer’s needs above all else.

Our Pledge

  • Huge Selection

  • Never a voice mail

  • Full Service Web Site

  • Professional, Knowledgeable and Courteous support

Selecting the proper power supply requires understanding power supply variables and how they will interact with the application’s variables. We understand that no one knows your product as you do, so it is our goal to work with you to match your product with the ideal power supply. Our staff will prove to be a valuable asset when you have to tackle your next power supply application. Contact us via phone, fax, e-mail or our Online Quote Request Form and let us make your job easier.

The Selection

Power supplies are always changing to meet the demands of newer technologies. In order to meet these ever changing needs, we represent companies from all over the globe. Why so many? Every power supply is application specific. A good quality power source of the same apparent specifications may be a good choice for one application, and a poor choice for a seemingly identical situation. This is proven by the fact that there are so many power supply companies, and no one has more than small portion of the market. Whether your product requires AC/DC, DC/DC, or DC/AC we will offer you more options and support than anyone.

The Advantage

Current Solutions, Inc. will save you time and money by accurately sourcing your power supply requirement the first time. By connecting you directly with the manufacturer, (OEM to OEM) you have the best possible solution, factory direct pricing and local support. We offer more resources than any single power supply company can. Our website is dedicated to making the power source selection process as easy and accurate as possible. Every spec sheet is available in HTML and PDF format. With all  the manufacturers we represent, there is always new technology on the horizon.  You will hear about it here first!